World of Dance: Duels Part 1

World of Dance showcases the best of the best in the dance world of all styles, from around the world.  The second round of the competition involves two (occasionally three) contestants within the same category to battle it out to see who continues in the competition and who goes home.  After the first two nights of the duels, here are my favorite routines/battles and reasons why:

Watch the first two episodes of the duals here:

Expressenz is one of my favorite groups in the competitions.  As the judges have said multiple times, their technique is astounding.  I’ve never seen anything like their turn sequences with that many dancers being completely in sync from their leg level to their rotation speed to the placement of their heads and arms.

Michael Dameski.  He is one of the most athletic contemporary dancers I have seen on the show.  The height on his jumps is un-matchable.  His choreography shows off all his strengths and his perfect technique.  There was no comparison between what he put on the stage and what Angyil put forth.  I see him making it very far in the competition.

Although they went home, I always have to pay homage to the tappers.  The Jam Project brought the grittier side of tap to the stage, but in my opinion wasn’t strong enough as far as the performance went.  Their choreography had a decently high difficulty level, however the routine didn’t showcase it.  To a non-dancer/non-tapper it was hard to see and hear it in the number.

Eva Igo became Eva Igone in the duals this year.  I loved watching her grow through last season and her pieces this season as well.  I believe one of the judges commented that her performances this season were slightly one dimensional.  They were all strong, emotional routines that showed off her strength and tricks but that’s what we’ve seen before.

Avery and Marcus were the ones to send Eva Igo home this season.  Their different style mixing and choreography sets them apart from every other individual/duo/group in the competition.  Avery’s daring-ness to go on pointe on World of Dance makes what they do that much more intense and interesting.

My favorite group in the competition is The Lab.  They drew me in last season and I love being able to see their growth since then.  They had some tricks and cool movements, but they definitely brought a whole new arsenal into this season.  One of their biggest issues was cleanliness, but with their routines so far this season, you wouldn’t know it.  They bring their own style and leave everything on the stage with every performance.  Again, there wasn’t much of a competition when it came to them versus Lil Killaz Crew.

Sean and Kaycee.  They are new, different, interesting, captivating, and oh yeah, just teenagers.  They established themselves on the show with their qualifier number and stood their ground in the duals.  Their chemistry and the way they move together is insane, not to mention Sean’s choreography skills.  They’re really going to need to step up to take outlast Charity and Andres in the competition, but I think they have what it takes and could easily have the second perfect score in World of Dance history.

Since I just mentioned them, Charity and Andres.  They blew the judges and the world away with their qualifiers performance, and while I thought it was really good, I wasn’t impressed.  They definitely changed that with their duals piece.  In the pre-performance clips they run, Charity had said that most of their tricks just come from them messing around in the studio and with choreography.  Did I mention that they co-choreograph all of their routines?  Cause that is awesome.  With their technique, musicality, choreography skills, personalities, and overall performance quality, it’s no wonder they earned the first perfect score in World of Dance history.

Who are your favorites and why?  I want to know!  Share them in the comments.

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