World of Dance: Duels Part 2

World of Dance showcases the best of the best in the dance world of all styles, from around the world.  The second round of the competition involves two (occasionally three) contestants within the same category to battle it out to see who continues in the competition and who goes home.  After the last two nights of the duels, here are my favorite routines/battles and reasons why:

Watch the last two episodes of the duels here:

Lucas Marinetto.  It was sad to see him go.  He made his name in dance on Abby Lee’s Dance Competition and has stayed true to his style from the beginning.  He puts a modern flare on the classics: Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.  No matter what he brought forth to that stage in this dual, he still wouldn’t have beat Jaxon Willard as his technique is flawless and his story makes the judges cry every time.

Connection is a great, well-rounded group.  They are entertaining every performance and bring new moves to each routine.  It’s fun just watching them dance and give it their all.

Thamost is an up and coming group but I don’t think they’re there yet.  S-Rank was the superior crew in this battle.  Their choreography and thoughtfulness behind it combined with their grit and grooves sets them apart from the other crews in the competition.  They also know how to put up a good fight and incorporate burns into the routine in a classy manner that fits with the rest of the choreo.

Second to None came in second to Josh and Taylor.  Honestly the trio aspect didn’t work to their favor and I was watching the guy in the middle the entire performance with the other two falling into the background.  Josh and Taylor are kind of Mari and Keone like with a sharper, hard-hitting edge to it as well.  They always tell a great story and make up the perfect duo.

The judges said it best, we’ve never seen anything quite like Morning of Owl.  While they put on a good show and are very entertaining, they just don’t fit into the competition that well as what they do is so abstract even for dance.  Ashley and Zack are two powerhouses that fit together to be an awesome duo with relatable storylines and perfect technique.


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