NHL Countdown: Is it October Yet?

We’ve been saying it since the end of last season: Is it October yet?  So, here are 10 reasons why it needs to be October already.

  1. Summer is great to see the players being people but, it’s time for them to be hockey players again.
  2. There is nothing like hockey season for hockey fans and we’re ready for it to be hockey season.
  3. Sooooo ready for hockey player antics. We can’t wait to see what the guys get up to this season and who will be the pranksters vs. the pranked.  Fleury needs to bring the fun to Vegas this year!
  4. We need something to do with our lives at 7pm ET every night. Starting in October we can watch hockey almost every night until June.
  5. Rivalries are real. It’s harder to hate on other teams and their fans when they’re off the ice doing charitable work and all.
  6. Perfect shirsey and jersey weather. Shirseys during the day, jerseys when the sun sets.
  7. On-ice bromances are back! Hockey provides the world with the best bromances, it’s a proven fact.
  8. All hockey starts up. Prospects are playing everywhere: AHL, ECHL, QMJHL, OHL, NAHL, IIHF, etc.
  9. We are one month closer to playoff hockey. No further explanation needed.
  10. Hockey apparel will be back in stores and who cares about football anyway?!

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