NHL Countdown: Tonight is the Night!

First things first: Tom Wilson was finally suspended for a reasonable amount of time for his offense.  Although, I don’t see how he is allowed to continue to play in the NHL, or why he would want to.  As the league mentioned, Wilson has not made any attempt to adjust his playing style.  I don’t understand how he would want to play in a league he clearly does not respect.  It’s not just an isolated incident or directed to just one team or player, he intentionally throws illegal hits at every opponent that dares to skate near him.  Maybe this will be a wakeup call for him to change his game.  Hopefully he’ll decide the NHL is no longer for him and move on.

Sadly, the Calgary Flames started the season with a loss while going 0 for 7 on the powerplay.  It seems that this is a recurring issue as they draw penalties left and right (many thanks to Johnny Gaudreau) but they just can’t seem to capitalize on them.  It wasn’t all bad though with Mony back, feeling and looking good on the ice.  Also, with the freshly stitched “A” on his chest, Tkachuk put a tally in the goal column last night.

Finishing up the preseason yesterday morning, Haie put up a good fight against the Oilers, who ultimately won in overtime.  It seemed that the Oilers would dominate after the first minutes of play, but Haie came back and their rookie goalie made some big saves in his league debut.

With a quick first goal to start the night, Comtois put the Ducks on the board in his league debut.  Not even Erik Karlsson on the blue line was enough to keep the Ducks from defeating the Sharks 5-2.

With the great John Tavares and Auston Matthews keeping his first game streak alive, the Toronto Maple Leafs topped the Canadiens 3-2 in overtime.

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Penguins are tasked with holding off the Capitals, who shut out the Bruins last night with an impressive 7-0 score.  I believe the Pens are ready for the task.  They know what to expect from the Capitals: a hard-hitting, fast-paced game with big goals and a lot of shots.

The Penguins’ lines are stronger than ever and hopefully Murray worked on his glove side during the offseason.  There’s a lot of talk about Sprong being placed on the fourth line, but I believe it’s the best place for him at this point in his career.  He didn’t have the strongest training camp and still has a lot of learning to do.  Being on that fourth line with Matt Cullen is the best opportunity for him to grow his game, gain some grit, and really show his work ethic.  Besides, who would you take off of the first line for him to play with Crosby?  Certainly not Hornqvist or Guentzel.  Hornqvist is ready to go and always lives up to his name and his game.  His net-front presence is unmatchable and compliments Crosby’s ability to get the puck to the front of the net.  Guentzel’s stickwork and passing skills work extremely well alongside Crosby as well and he has certainly earned his spot on the top line.  One last note, I fully believe that Chad Ruwhedel has earned his spot on the team and should be paired up with Maatta for opening night.

That’s all for now!  LETS GO PENS!!!!

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