The Pittsburgh Pirates, I know even mentioning the name sends shivers up my spine. A storied franchise for quite some time in Pittsburgh has come and gone. One of the main contributors to this decline is Bob Nutting. I feel like Timmy Turners dad when he mentions, his neighbor Dinkelberg! That’s what it feels like to me when someone mentions Bob Nutting, pure loathing. According to sporttrac.com, the pirates are second to last in salary, though I thought they were dead last, but no Tampa Bay owns that spot.

The Pirates are dishing out a whopping $57,675,002.  We are seeing our NL central foes dishing out money like there is no tomorrow, for example the Cardinals are paying 147,876,666, the Cubs 206,850,714 and even the Reds 105,123,214. If the Pirates were to double their salary, they would still be under the league average. In the business of baseball, you have to spend money to win. I’m not trying to say you have to be dishing out 400 million each year but when your whole teams’ payroll is just what Bryce Harper, one player, makes in a year that seems to be a bit ridiculous. Francisco Cervelli is our highest paid player REALLY! A 32-year-old catcher who can’t manage to stay healthy for one season. Ok Buddy!

The revenue sharing the Pirates receive has been put into question as of late: where is the money going? Frank Coonelly deflected that question and said we are spending it within the rules. Unless Seven Springs is where the Pirates play, I doubt that what he says is true. If Bob Nutting truly wanted what’s best for the Pirates’ organization and their players, he would have sold them to Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle in 2010 when they offered to buy it. Instead Nutting down right refused their offer, simply because it wouldn’t be good for his wallet.

I know this ranting is probably getting annoying but I’m sure not the only Pirates fan who feels this way. I’m not even sure anymore why I root for this team, but I do, maybe it’s because Pittsburgh is in my blood, or maybe it’s become a sickness within me. One day I hope to be able to say with pride LETS GO BUCS!

Cody Potanko