High, High Hopes for Harry Bink

First off, you should probably listen to High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco while you read this to ensure you get all my references.  Second, if you have never heard of Harry Bink before (which you probably haven’t unless you follow FMX and extreme sports), then perfect!  I, myself just learned who he was last week when I worked a Nitro Circus Live Tour event.

Okay, so Harry Bink, who is he?  Harry is a professional FMX rider that stemmed from his motocross racing background from Cranberra, Australia with the accent to prove it.  At 16 he decided the 9-5 job wasn’t his style and had a vision for himself to be the next great FMX rider.  Since then, Harry has certainly made a name for himself competing and touring with shows around the world.  Harry Bink is not just one in a million, he is one in a billion.  He is one of seven, yes seven, riders to ever land a double backflip.   Touring with Nitro Circus, Harry was one of the riders to tackle a ramp that propels them 70-80 feet in the air and only exists in two places in the world: Travis Pastrana’s house and the Nitro Circus Tour.  He was one of what I believe to be three riders to take on the jump at every show on the tour.  Not only did he take on the ramp, but he was the only one on the tour to complete a double backflip on it.  It was said by the tour commentators/hosts that he is one of two riders to ever land the double backflip off this particular ramp.  So that one in a billion has now become one in about 4 billion.  You would think with these accolades, Harry would be pretty content to do what he does and do it well right?  Wrong.  Harry has even higher hopes for his future striving to bring, “bigger and better tricks no one has seen before.” Yaaasssss Harry

*Just Harry flying high above Pittsburgh in between the first and second flips of his double backflip!*

Moving on to a more serious note (and by serious I mean not serious, like at all), what does the great Harry Bink do when he’s not competing and lighting up his wildest dreams?  First of all he has a thing against shirts, preferring to ride and live life exposed (not that I’ve heard or seen anyone complaining!).  He is living the wild life, if his Nitro Tour intro and Instagram (go follow him! @harrybink) is anything to go by.  Harry is not one to pass up a party, in fact, he is the life of the party.  His whole life is a party if you think about it, always going after the high that comes from being high on life; Staying up on the rise that comes from riding and competing and never coming down during his downtime.  Harry Bink is that guy everyone wishes was their best friend, not taking life too seriously while enjoying every minute of it.  Other than that, all I can say is don’t ever change Harry!



Shoutout to the following sites and pages for providing the bulk of my factual information for this article!