Anyone but the Patriots 2019

The New England Patriots are playing in yet another Super Bowl this Sunday.  It will be their 11th appearance overall and third in a row.  They are 50% in the championship winning 5 out of the 10.  They’re playing the LA Rams who have gone 1 for 3 in their Super Bowl appearances.  It’s sure to be yet another controversial game from the teams, coaches, and players, to the officials, cheerleaders, and commercials.

Does anyone outside of Patriots fans want the Patriots to win?  And if so, why???  The Patriots have seen a lot of success in their recent history and while there are new players to the team every year, there is too much talent spread throughout the league to want to see one team win year after year.  Which takes us to the next point, are the Patriots winning on talent alone or do they have greater powers helping to sway the results in their favor?  Of course, I’m talking about the sketchy officiating as of late.  More and more it seems that one call, or lack there-of, decides the outcome of big games.  Yes, there are challenges and reviews to be had, but are there enough?  As sports have progressed with their usage of technology, should more plays and calls be review-able/challenge-able?  Would it make a difference, or would it take away from the game itself?

All biases aside, Tom Brady is a legend in the NFL.  From his impressive career numbers to his game-to-game performances, he will definitely be remembered, and his name will never die.  Or maybe you know him best for the great Deflategate of 2015.  It’s been four years, but it hasn’t been forgotten.  Either way, Tom Brady is a household name and has a reputation to uphold.  Will he be the star of Super Bowl LIII or at the center of another controversy?

Speaking of controversies, they’re happening outside of just the game aspect of Super Bowl LIII.  Many people claim to watch the super bowl just for the commercials and this year is no different.  There has been a lot of discussion leading up to this year’s super bowl due to its location in Atlanta.  Pepsi has been a long-running sponsor of the super bowl, but Atlanta is home to Coca-Cola.  It’s a soda showdown and on Sunday, only one can come out on top.

One last topic I want to touch on is a piece of history that will be made on Sunday.  With the LA Rams in Super Bowl LIII, two of their cheerleaders will make history as the first ever male cheerleaders to appear and perform at the super bowl.  I’m sure many people have their opinions about this, but I’m here to tell you it’s a big deal.  These two men are going to show young men around the world that it’s okay to be a male cheerleader in today’s society.  It also further proves the argument that cheerleading is a sport, rather than an opportunity for men to ogle women, and thus should be recognized as one.

Now, I’m sure many of you out there disagree with my opinions.  If so, I ask that you share yours in the comments while remaining respectful of all parties.

Keep it classy sports fans!

-A. Kam

Where Did You Go?

As the title states, where the hell has Antonio Brown gone? Well we know where he is, but mentally where the hell is he? With his latest antics it leaves us all questioning, what are you thinking? His latest tweets have us all scratching and shaking our heads. The one tweet I saw earlier this week he stated that he is “keeping analysts busy and creating jobs for future analysts” then he proceeds to say business is booming. Well lately sir business has been bankrupt, you are burning every single bridge imaginable from throwing shade at the owner to the QB who has defended you to his furthest extent. There comes a point and time where talent is masked by pure arrogance and being self-centered. This town has embraced you with open arms throughout the years. In reality, they shouldn’t have as in his 9 years here he has yet to win a DAMN THING. What happened to the team first mentality and winning super bowls? When did those become an afterthought? Maybe you should have stayed off of those pizza hut commercials and focused on winning more than just regular season games.

Now I am not saying this tumultuous melt down of the organization solely falls on him, nothing is solely an individual’s fault. You have a coach that harbors terrible mentalities and he hires friends instead of the right man for the job. Let’s be honest people, why the hell was Joey Porter even on the team after his famous bar brawl on the south side? Any other organization would have canned his ass and sent him packing. Maybe the “Rooney way” is dead and we need to develop a new philosophy. Maybe we should use the cap space we have and spend it on a decent corner back or better yet get a MLB that’s not Vince Williams. I know this has gotten off track, I just want you to know I’m not biased whatsoever. It’s not just AB’s fault, it’s a toxic locker room and a way to start healing is to separate the wheat from the chaff and send AB packing. His most recent tweets have him arguing with Emmanuel Sanders and Bruce Arians basically calling them dumb along with calling them divas. In my closing statement I’m not asking you to feel any way, I’m just asking you to look at the evidence in front of you and see that this is not a booming business.

Thanks, Cody Potanko